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Debbie, Director of www.layngo.com.au, was asked by her son, mom can you make my new daughter a lego/toy bag like you made all those years ago when I was young?


As a new grandmother, and she will tell you a very young grandmother at that, she pulled out all her old sewing equipment, it has been a while since it has been used, and patterns, and made this bag as asked.


Debbie thought after so many years it may be time to offer these to others, and was asked by others to make some more.


Debbie soon worked out these were expensive, the fabric being used was just not right, and very time consuming to make.


So an alternative was required?


Where to look? Google is my friend.


Debbie found Amy and her wonderful Layngo products on-line.

After a couple of email's, Amy agreed to supply Debbie these great new multi-award winning mat, cleanup, carryall, and storage solution in one as the Australian Distributor.



With her daughter Terri, they are convinced they can fix the toy pick up problem within Australia